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The Sword of Wisimir (The Wisimir Tales) (Volume 1) [Mr Allen James Stroud] on chictopddrupbeso.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Opportunistic thief, Jack.
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The Perfectionist. They'd never believe me. Best friends Linda and Abby are They are ready for sex. Who will be the lucky ones at their school?

The Sword of Wisimir

J Nash. Injured in a terrorist bomb attack, Ronnie flits between his earthly mortal remains and 'the other place'. Living the 'interlife' he works for the 'Department of External Affairs' bringing succour and comfort for those people he can help the most. At Last. Women's Fiction, General Fiction. Howlin' Wilf. The tale of a banker whose love for a bargain gets him into a devilish situation. Action, Adventure, Historical, Novel. Robert FitzStephen is a down on his luck but brilliant warrior from 12th century Wales. Betrayed by his comrades, disgraced by defeat and abandoned by his king, the lowborn Norman seems doomed to a life of obscurity.

But the arrival of an exiled Irish king changes everything for him. A Leap of Faith. A Short Story. Highway of Darkness revised Part 1. Literary Fiction, Novel, Saga. Juma, a young Kenyan boy from a Nairobi slum, strives to escape poverty and destitution, and to overcome the fear and misery of the Highway of Darkness in pursuit of his impossible dream to become a doctor.


Cage the Minute Historical, Romance, Women's Fiction. This is a bitter-sweet story of love, friendship and tragedy, focussing on three young women who join the British Army during World War Two. It falls into the commercial historical fiction genre. The Road to Hell. Adela is an illegal immigrant who survives by cleaning rich people's houses. She strikes a friendship with the mysterious Katarina. Another Face. Story of a young woman recalling a difficult period in her childhood and reflecting on the changes this meant for her whole family. Chicklit, Comedy, Romance, Saga.


Riding a Unicycle is about more than riding a bike with one wheel. The By-catch Principle 2. After being locked away in an institution for nearly six years, he escapes. To remain free, he must find out where he has been, why he was there, and who he really is. Saul is about to die. While he waits for the end, he reminisces on the significant events of his life, and how it has come to its last moments. Olympia Heights.

  • Ghosts I Have Met and Some Others.
  • The Sword of Wisimir.
  • Secrets of a Shattered Dream: Only if my heart had eyes it would cry!?
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  • THE CONTENTS OF THE First Volume..
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In the not-too-distant future, possibly in your lifetime Irene Smemley gets sacked. The answer can only be in one place: Olympia Heights. Crime busting, poverty zapping and genetic cleansing. Welcome to Bestco Britain. The Bestco Britain there is. Bet Noir. Walter Dabney gets a lot more than he bargained for when he meets Bette at Hollywood Park races. A young boy begins to realize why his family lives in poverty after his dad takes the family to the horse races.

Alone in London, Faye attempts suicide. Dr David Gladstone comes to her rescue and their mutual infatuation begins. But Faye marries Nick while David obsesses over his research.

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When Faye and Nick struggle to conceive, David is there again to help. But at what cost?

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights by Sir Thomas Malory - Full Audiobook

Literary Fiction, Fantasy. A small town in Ireland, some time in the past. A man goes to live in a wood. A speaking statue brings hordes of pilgrims. To accommodate them, a priest wants to build an airport and a businessman wants to build a holiday camp. They both need the wood. But a man lives there.

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Gerald is happy to spend his retirement tinkering with his Scalextic set, but if he pauses long enough to listen he will find his wife has other plans. He finds himself in a situation where nothing is what it seems and nobody ever tells him the truth. Mid-Life Monologues. No-one reaches middle age without having a story to tell. And issues to solve In these three short stories, middle-aged narrators share their dilemmas. Adventure, Teenage Fiction.

Taken to live with her grandfather in the countryside after the sudden and violent death of her mother, Tally Argent is numb. When she discovers a wild panther living in the woods near the village, she must do all she can to fight for its safety in a place where there are more dangers than she expects A Bourgainvillea too far.

Short Story, Comedy, Historical, Romance. Life twists and turns and some people nudge it and others don't notice they're being nudged. Jacintha and Jonty are nudged but who's doing the nudging - Mrs Feather or life? Hit and Run. Watching Over You. What does it really mean to 'love thy neighbour as thyself'?

And where can it lead? Gideon Day is trying to understand his conviction for murder Nonsense of course, I've never kept myself to myself Besides, watching isn't spying. When you've been tricked into becoming a vampire, there's no way out. GMO Girl.


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Patients are disappearing at Camden Psychiatric. In shutting the lab down, Ashton must choose between Milo and her ex-lover. Plan B. Crime, Mystery, General Fiction. DI Amber Finlay is no stranger to death, she is one of London's top cops with a past that torments her. Dyson Crane is rich, handsome and dead. The case is not as simple as it seems with all those involved hiding a secret.

The Samanea Rain Tree. Mystery, Novel, Women's Fiction. Maggie Carter disappears whilst on holiday in St Lucia; from the same beach where she spent much of her childhood. To discover why, we return to Margaret Cadette, aged 10; a skinny child, with wild hair and a fierce temper. How did she become that woman, why has she vanished?

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The Story of the Mad White Man. Short Story, Adventure, Children's Fiction. One of an anthology of short stories relating to the Bushmen of the Kalahari that I have called 'Xade Tales. The Wedding List. Ben wonders about how to dispose of presents he and wife were bought after she has walked out on him. Finding The Plot. Katherine Stubbs hires literary agent Alec Steele to find out what happens in the "blocked" novel in which she is trapped. Can Alec stay out of Cambridge's pubs for long enough to resolve Katherine's story before she is deleted?