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Although our audience was small, we chatted about our current releases and upcoming projects.

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The launch was held in the con suite complete with lunch and dessert. Steve and I both read excerpts from our respective stories and sold several copies of the new book as well as a few backlist titles. He was friendly and loquacious, engaging everyone in conversation. It was a true pleasure to meet him. After packing up my car on Sunday morning, I dared one more pass through the Wallace Shawn autograph line.

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Thankfully, it was a bit shorter this time and I made it out in time to chat with writer pals Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro, Heather Hutsell, and Michael Jan Friedman before my next event. It was a wonderful tribute and, judging by their reactions, the audience seemed to enjoy it. Some of his responses were intentionally cryptic. For example, when it came to playing Grand Nagus Zek on DS9 , Shawn said that he had channeled someone he knew personally, but would not reveal any further details.

Similarly, when asked about his favorite books, he preferred to keep that a secret. On my way out, I finally had the chance to take a brief tour of the dealer room and found a few vintage Star Trek items at incredibly low prices from a dealer who was selling off his personal collection. Of course, no SF convention would be complete without a vast array of talented cosplayers and those pictured below are only a small sampling from the weekend.

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A few of the writers will be debuting new titles, including Steven H. Wilson and myself. Reading Hutsell; Giunta; G. At Farpoint 26 SF Con next month, it will be my honor to co-host, with Peter David, a screening of Dreams with Sharp Teeth , the documentary about one of the most awarded writers in history, Harlan Ellison Harlan was one of my inspirations to become a writer, and he was best friends with Peter. As does every year, delivered a melange of relief, joy, and misery. Little did I know it was also a portent of a tragedy to come just five months later.

In February, I was elated to win second place in the Farpoint 25 short story contest in Maryland. After that, publication rights revert to me and the story might appear on my website shortly after. Stay tuned! I was off the hook as a presenter this year, but attended for two days and enjoyed the full day fiction writing class led by NYT bestseller Bob Mayer and the various minute presentations on topics ranging from Wattpad to world building, from editing to marketing, from time management to building suspense, and more.

Check out details for the next Write Stuff in March!

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The rest of spring proceeded without much excitement, other than the usual bouts of anxiety and depression that ebb and flow. The second paragraph of this retrospective alluded to a tragedy in the middle of the year. On June 27, Harlan Ellison, one of the most awarded writers in history, died in his home in LA at the age of Harlan was one of my literary heroes and while his cantankerous, intractable personality offended some, I found it entertaining. Fortunately, I still have much of his work yet to read. It was a wonderful weekend spent with my fandom family, selling and signing books, and participating in a variety of discussion panels on writing and publishing.

The Delaware coast is one of my favorite vacation spots.

My wife and I always look forward to renting a house there for a week every July with friends, and for the past four years, my friend Renee Wilson and I have made parasailing a must-do tradition. As soon as I returned from vacation, I was laid off from my job of 17 years. Many people mistakenly assume this means that the Library of Congress has published or endorsed their poetry, which is not the case.

Short Story Press Presents Passing Eternity

Instead, this usually means that the anthologies are registered or deposited with the U. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, which does not guarantee that the anthology will be held by the Library. In fact, most amateur poetry anthologies are not retained for the Library's permanent collections.

This guide describes many of the publishers that have run poetry contests whose winning poems were published in amateur poetry anthologies, and offers information on how to locate these anthologies at the Library of Congress, other libraries, and bookstores. Many publisher entries include links to WorldCat , a global library catalog that can be used to identify libraries that hold copies of anthologies.

Alternative names for publishers, their years of activity, and details about their publishing practices are provided when possible. If you believe your poem was published by one of these companies, please contact the Library's Digital Reference Section with all available details regarding your poem publisher; publication date; anthology title; poem title; name under which the poem was published; etc.

Please note that the Library of Congress does not attempt to assess the legitimacy of the publishers listed below, and their inclusion in this guide does not represent an endorsement of their activities or publications. The Academy of American Poets website provides information on how to determine whether a poetry contest is legitimate and how to identify questionable contests and publishers. Other titles e. See its Better Business Bureau file for further information. Publisher: American Collegiate Publications Years of operation: The anthology features poets from colleges and universities in 47 states.

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Each entry includes a brief biography of the poet along with a sample poem. Although the volume was supposed to be the first volume in an annual series, and the company advertised its contest , no further volumes appear to have been published. Publisher: American Poetry Association Years of operation: Sample advertisements: , , , Three to five volumes were published each year. A article in The Milwaukee Journal notes that the name of the series editor, John Frost, was a pseudonym used for the company's entire editorial staff.

Beginning with vol. Contest entrants were required to buy at least one copy of the anthology to ensure their poem's publication. Volumes include an author index. The Library of Congress holds all volumes through vol. Other publications are listed in WorldCat. Publisher: The Amherst Society Years of operation: ca. None of its anthologies are held by the Library of Congress. A list of Amherst Society titles held by libraries can be found through WorldCat.

Publisher: Anthology of Poetry, Inc. Anthology of Poetry, Inc. Asheboro, N. K students are eligible for publication. Many volumes are listed in WorldCat. View its Better Business Bureau file for contact details. Publisher: Arcadia Poetry Press Years of operation: Sample advertisements: , , Volume five is titled American Poetry Anthology. The Library of Congress holds all five volumes. Publisher: Circle of Poets Years of operation: ca.

The title of its anthology is Poetry Vibes. An archived page from its website describes its publications as follows: "These manuscripts all have a high quality with premium, bounded paper. The manuscripts contain professional illustrations and contain all selected entries from finalists. We clearly display your name and poem title as well as comments you may have on the making of your winning poem. Publisher: Creative Communication, Inc. Creative Communication Smithfield, Utah runs semiannual poetry and essays contests for students. Anthologies of winning poems are published three times a year fall, spring, summer under the title A Celebration of Poets.

Purchase is not required for publication. View its Better Business Bureau file for further information. Minnesota and Wisconsin A number of other anthologies are listed in WorldCat.