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Genetic counselor: $77,
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Whilst he probably would not have scored highly on the aural subscale of the VARK , he does credit dyslexia for being one of his greatest assets. Branson might score more highly on a writing subscale! He has described his signature management technique to be his constant note-taking because remembering what people said was always too challenging. He takes a notebook everywhere. Educators and researchers have found we actually learn better when we apply a variety of learning styles. Listen to a podcast, write notes, view a video and complete a workbook on a topic you need or want to learn.

You are likely to have a stronger grasp and retention of the information than if you were to engage only one or two of those options. There are more types of processing taking place which allow you to store and be able to apply the information better. The increased quality of engagement with your topic facilitates better learning. As you think of the steps in climbing the corporate ladder, each rung has inevitable increasing demands. Better skills in guiding and coaching your team, wider knowledge, thinking faster and effectively on your feet, analyzing comprehensive data and reports swiftly are but a few of the growth steps you must master.

Think back to situations where you have felt similar levels and types of challenge and ask yourself:. What styles do I feel worked best for me?

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What should I have done differently? The pattern of learning styles which you applied then are patterns you can use as a framework now. Modify, strengthen and build on them. You have the following options:. The opportunities to only use these styles are either unavailable or limited.

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You feel sick about knowing to role-play and know the kinesthetic route is the most viable road to take. But that may not be the only way.

Garment technologist

Research has also shown that physical performance can improve when we simulate the practice of ideal performance using visualization and imagery. You also imagine feeling extremely confident, calm, have a sense of knowing that you deserve this opportunity and see in your mind the clients are delighted by your presentation. Imagery and visualization have that power to affect your performance. What if you practiced visualization incessantly, did at least one pitch in front of your work colleagues and asked for feedback and verbally rehearsed key statements in your delivery?

With slightly less fear-factor, this mix of uncomfortable learning style strategies and preferred styles would surely be a winning combination.

Four jobs you probably didn’t know existed

The right combination is key. Choosing the right combination of learning styles which feel comfortable plus engaging the uncomfortable styles are sure to drive you closer to your desired aim, faster. Growth can be painful and change is not something, we as humans, rush toward in fits of excitement. Our brains are designed to keep us safe.

When we feel safe, we feel nice and comfortable. Our anxiety levels are low or non-existent, we feel in control, fully satisfied and content. Knowing our learning style preferences can help us alleviate some of that discomfort in stretching and growing.

Garment technologist

However, what we want to create is a reverse plan. Choose your endpoint, map the steps backward that you need to grow into and move through. Chart against each step the learning styles and methods you feel will be the best balance of comfort and the amount of growth pain you feel you can handle. Sometimes no amount of standing on the sidelines and watching people glide around the ice-skating rink is going to help you learn how to skate.

You are going to have to step onto the ice at some point to find your own center of gravity and balance. The weekend seminar junkie, listening to speaker after speaker telling them how to turn their four-figure revenue into six figures in six months.

The major connection between learning styles and career success will always be a combination key to knowing what you prefer, knowing what works, choosing the right mix and applying them at the right time. Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash. Work Advertising. The people and companies who hire these professionals have the money, and will spend it on anything they need to have done, and there is always someone willing and able to fulfill those needs. From the practical and normal jobs like construction and delivering mail, to the more abstract and strange jobs like milking snakes and sexing chickens, to the coolest jobs like testing waterslides and sleeping.

There is always someone willing to do anything for that money and always someone willing to pay to have it done. Businesses use them for the sole purpose to move, or they might as well just have real statues. Things like full body makeup that can take up to 90 minutes to apply, and making sure they eat so as not to be dizzy on their feet are just some of the challenging aspects to the job. I would probably just head to the local humane society and get myself a pet and have those benefits on a permanent basis.

There are approximately species of snakes. About of them are venomous, and a third of those are important for medical purposes such as producing antivenom to treat bites. You will need a degree in science and some very big nerves to become a professional snake milker though. First, you have to get the snake out of its serpentarium snake house , then to a latex covered jar opening where you will force the snake to bite down and release his liquid gold. Not a job for the weak-hearted!

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Sorting chicks can be very repetitive, but it is very important because hens and roosters lead very different lives. Vent sexing and feather sexing are two of the techniques used to sort the chicks. What most likely started on TaskRabbit a hiring service for odd jobs or Craigslist a hiring website for odder jobs , is now a money-making venture for many. Some interesting jobs have included waiting in line over hours for the iPhone 5, Supreme Court arguments, congressional hearings, Air Jordans, sample sales, and Saturday Night Live tickets.

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I guess we all have the experience credentials for this job. Have no fear, the professional Face Feeler is here to put your mind at ease! They are trained experts capable of making an objective opinion as to whether the products are effective or not just by what they feel. Before you feed Rover or Fluffy breakfast, you will be happy to know their food has been tested for its taste by a professional Pet Food Taster. Much the same way items gets taste tested for human consumption before they hit the market shelves, pet food receives almost the same scrutiny.

Still, they must be ok with thoroughly chewing the pet food and taking notes regarding their opinion on the taste, nutritional content and texture of each delicacy. The most hedonistic dream job ever, a water slide tester has steep competition when it comes to getting the position. There is a serious side to the job too though, as you are testing the slide for things like water flow, height, speed, landing as well as safety.