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Growth against Democracy: Savage Developmentalism in the Modern World, by H.L.T. Quan is a compelling interrogation of the ways in which we have thought.
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Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Under the leadership of Churchill, the strong British preference for an indirect strategy aimed at the soft-underbelly of Europe as well as the belief in the efficacy of air power to cause the Italian surrender through morale bombing artfully maneuvered the United States into waging a prolonged campaign in Africa and the Mediterranean. Third, both American and British strategic bombing contributed to the psychological decapitation and fall of the Fascist government on July 25, In a meeting with Hitler on the nineteenth of July, Mussolini failed to obtain German military aid especially the desperately needed fighters.

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Significantly, the first air raid on Rome by over bombers, the largest air raid in history to date, interrupted the meeting. This first raid also convinced the Italian king, a majority of Fascist leaders, and the Pope that Italy must get out of the war.

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A stunned Mussolini called for a meeting of his Grand Council of Fascism for 24 July, where he allowed, in the wee hours of the 25th, Fascist leaders to pass a motion to remove him from command of military forces. Later that day, the King, again in command of the army, arrested a docile, psychologically decapitated Mussolini in a bloodless coupdetat.

Finally, air power coerced and aided the interim Badoglio government to surrender unconditionally and escape to the Allies on 9 September. The problem with state addiction is that it pathologizes authority, reifies order, and forestalls the emergence of discoverable counter-alternatives. For an exposition on the awesome power of the national security state, see Agamben Agamben, G. See also Foucault Foucault, M. Unmaking of the public university: The forty-year assault on the middle class , Cambridge : Harvard University Press.

As Rojas Rojas, F. Especially on the appropriation of Black Studies and the disappearance of Black people from academic institutions, see Brown Brown, C. Dude, where's my Black Studies department? As codified in the House Bill , no school district or charter school may provide instruction or courses that include the following: 1. Promote the overthrow of the US Government. Promote resentment toward a race or class of people. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.

Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating pupils as individual. House Bill , Title Sections Given the rise of xenophobia, nativism, and economic violence against poor Brown people, and neo-confederate politics in Arizona, that this bill was passed is neither surprising nor unanticipated. What is remarkable, however, is the fact that by conflating ethnic studies with treason and explicitly banning solidarity, the state and its allies reveal their own dysfunctions, panics, and anxieties about the capriciousness of their authority. Okihiro, G. The future of ethnic studies: The field is under assault from without and within.

The Chronicle of Higher Education. Hersh, S.

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Selective intelligence: Donald Rumsfeld has his own special sources. Are they reliable?

The New Yorker. Not surprisingly, this charge would generate considerable debate among the practitioners of Black Studies. See, for instance, Fenderson Fenderson, J. Journal of Black Studies , 39 4 : — It is important to note that Rojas does not interpret this development as entirely problematic. Some may argue that many practitioners of critical Black Studies have never left the source.

The proliferation and potency of Black feminist scholarship, especially of activist scholars such as Alexander Alexander, M. Are prisons obsolete? Golden gulag: Prisons, surplus, crisis, and opposition in globalizing California , Berkeley : University of California Press. Soul power: Culture, radicalism, and the making of U. The Politics of the Ungovernable and Democracy.


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Empirical accountings of instances of withholding availability for governing, such as marronage, border crossing, prison abolitionism, and transgenderism, suggest that there exists an alternative genealogy of anarchism to the Western anarchist tradition. While conventional understandings of anarchy without rule suggest a contradiction to or an absence of democracy rule by the many , this alternative genealogy of anarchism as distinct from the anarchisms of the West suggests that a democratic politics is a prerequisite of an anarchism that relies on justice in solidary Hames-Garcia, Hames-Garcia, M.

Fugitive thought: Prison movements, race, and the meaning of justice , Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press.

For a sample of works that partially disrupt conventional narratives of anarchism, see Chomsky Chomsky, N.